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Ace@Events are focused on raising as much money as possible for Charities. The UK Charitable sector has seen a massive decline in revenue due to Covid-19, with many face to face fundraising events having to be cancelled. Our proposition is designed to deliver much needed donations to worthy Charities whilst remaining fully compliant with national and local restrictions. It's also a fun way to keep your supporters/ members engaged.

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Ace@Events arrange and host online card games where players purchase an entrance ticket. The Charitable donation comes from revenue generated from the ticket sales, less any prize fund (although other prizes can be utilised) and fixed administrational costs. This model means there is Zero Cost of Fundraising to the Charities or hosting organisations.
Our platform and payment website are easy to use and ensure a minimal amount of clicks to get into your game. It is simple to navigate round our site or platform, it really is very straightforward.
The game is based on Texas Hold’em Poker. You do not need to have had previous experience of this game, our system will let each player know whether they have a hand to play. We can also host live Zoom, Skype or Teams video calls when the game is in play so that your supporters are able to socialise and engage directly with each other.
A key aspect to our approach is that this is a pre-purchased ticketed event utilising play chips. We do not have a cashier function on our platform and the play chips you play with are fixed so this does not fall under any form of gambling.

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Contact us to discuss setting up a game for you, or to become a partner.

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    Our online card game is based on Texas Hold'em Poker. Once you have purchased a ticket you will be emailed a unique password and joining instructions. These instructions will guide you to our online platform where you will register and login (you can also register and login to the platform at the top of this site). The first screen you will see when you've logged in is the lobby. The lobby lists all the upcoming games we have and will include the one you have purchased a ticket for. On the day of your game, we recommend at least 15 mins prior to its start, click on the join button and enter the password we emailed you. 1 minute before the games starts you will automatically be seated at the card table ready to enjoy the game.


    Q1. How do I purchase a ticket?

    You will have been alerted to an event either through a flyer or social media, if a link is available then this will take you through to the ticket purchase area for the relevant event. All events are listed on our website, under Tournaments. Your ticket will be emailed to you with a password for your chosen event.

    Q2. How do I register?

    Once you have purchased a ticket you can register on our website. Once you have accessed the platform you will see a list of tournaments. We suggest that 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament you have purchased a ticket for, you login in and enter the password that was emailed to you. A few minutes before the start you will then be seated at the virtual table.

    Q3. How does the Charity benefit?

    The revenue from ticket sales directly benefits the charity donation, subject to any game sponsors etc a prize pool will be deducted along with fixed administrational costs, the rest (the majority) is donated

    Q4. Can I choose a Charity to benefit?

    Yes, we are always happy to have new Charities as beneficiaries. Please make contact with us should you wish to set up a game for your chosen charity. You can purchase a ticket for any of our events should you wish.

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